Last updated 2003-12-01 11:32:52 EST
Doc Title Migration to Image Class Version 3
Author 1 Weise, John
CVS Revision $Revision: 1.6 $
Migration of Image Class to DLXS 11

Summary of Middleware Changes That Affect Data Preparation

Image Class is backward compatible with DLXS 10 collection metadata and image file index directories. When updating a collection, it is important to know that collection metadata and the index directory for a collection should be released in synchronized fashion. Reprocessed descriptive metadata are not compatible with old index dir. Collections with only MrSID files and JPEG thumbnails are the exception.

Basic Image Class Collection Migration to DLXS 11

To migrate Image Class collection from DLXS 10 to DLXS 11 the following must be done at a minimum.

Making the Collmgr Changes

Very significant changes have been made to the form and format of Image Class data in the Collection Database (Collmgr). and the makeCollectionmaps-idx script are no longer used. Metadata field configrations are done in Collmgr.

Two scripts have been provided to facilitate these tasks.

usage: collid: Extracts field abbrevs and labels from existing SGML file and writes the output to files (collid_field_labels.txt, collid_field_xcoll_maps.txt) in the collection's prep directory. The output is formatted for use in collmgr.

usage: collid: Inserts output of into appropriate Collmgr record. also converts "dot" characters to underscore in the following Collmgr fields: dfltentryflds, dfltresentryflds, dfltsrchflds, thumbnailresflds, thumbfullresflds, reslistresflds.

Note: Missing from this list is "sortFlds", which must have "dot" characters converted manually (for good but not memorable reasons). depends on value of DLPS_DEV environment variable in shell to decide whether to write to "release" ( DLPS_DEV = 1 ) or "production" (DLPS_DEV not set) Collmgr row.