Last updated 2002-07-03 16:12:14 EDT
Doc Title Setting up cron jobs for DLXS
Author 1 Snavely, Cory
Author 2 Farber, Phillip
CVS Revision $Revision: 1.7 $
Setting up cron jobs for DLXS


All DLXS classes use session management, with session files that need to be occasionally purged. The script is supplied as a tool to help with this maintenance task.

The syntax of the program options is: [-a age] -m [clean|list] -s [File|MySQL]
-a signifies the maximum age of session inactivity in minutes
-m signifies the mode
clean will remove sessions that exceed the specified age
list will simlpy list the sessions that exceed the specified age
-s signifies the data store
File indicates a file-based (CSV) data store
MySQL indicates a MySQL-based data store

You must add a crontab entry to clear the session files. For example, the following crontab entry will run hourly, removing data for sessions that have not been accessed in 120 minutes. Replace the string $DLXSROOT with the DLXSROOT for your installation.

The default SESSION_AGE value is 120 minutes.

    # clear old web sessions from DLXS sessions database
    51 * * * * (DLXSROOT=$DLXSROOT; export DLXSROOT; $DLXSROOT/bin/ -m clean -a 120 -s File)

Page image cache

The DLXS Text Class uses a cache directory for dynamically converted page images. When using Text Class and page images (e.g., with tif2gif), unless you have enough disk space to keep all converted page images (an approach that can improve performance), you should also add a crontab entry for clearing the converted image files. We recommend that you add the following lines to the root crontab to clear cached/converted image files. It will remove cached page images that have not been accessed in a number of days ($CACHE_AGE). Replace the strings $CACHE_AGE and $DLXSROOT, below, with an acceptable page image lifetime and the DLXSROOT for your installation, respectively.

    # clear temporary files and dirs from DLXS page cache
    23 1 * * * find $DLXSROOT/web/*/*/*cvtdir \( -name '*.gif' -o -name '*.pdf' \) -type f -atime +$CACHE_AGE -exec rm {} \; 
    23 5 * * * find $DLXSROOT/web/*/*/*cvtdir -depth -type d -links 2 -exec rmdir -ps {} \;