Adding Collections to collmgr: Bibliographic Class

The collection database for BibClass and all other classes is managed through the collmgr program. The collmgr application mediates access to creating and updating the metadata, and has online, in-context documentation, for example, the DLPS implementation of collmgr documentation. This documentation notes fields that are "required," as well as the types of values that each field supports. In those cases where a field uses the reserved keyword "default," a system-supplied default value or function is used. For example, in BibClass, if "default" is used for short filter, records will be displayed according to the rules used in the default BibClass short filter.

For most of your BibClass collections, you will add the following fields. The instructions below assume a sample collection named "nyt". Please replace these sample names with your local filenames.

Submit your changes and check them in.

Related Information

You must also create templates for the new collection. For more information on creating and altering templates, please see Creating and Editing HTML/Template Files.

You may also add new fields, not previously defined. For more information on adding new searchable fields, please see Adding New Searchable Fields.

You may also wish to create special filtering routines for the new collection. For more information on creating and editing filters, please see Creating and Editing Filtering Routines.