Transforming Bibliographic Files: Bibliographic Class

Please note that for most classes in DLXS, DLXS does not formally support transformations from non-DLXS formats to DLXS XML/SGML. The following instructions and programs are provided as guides or aids only.

To date, DLPS has received and processed bibliographic information in a variety of formats, including USMARC records from our NOTIS catalog, SGML from Chadwyck-Healey, bibliographic information in our own generic TEI-like SGML (encoded for the Text Class), and a variety of local database schema from applications like FMPro and MS-Access. The three Perl programs linked below are representative both for their ability to transform from one of these to BibClass, and for their degree of "polish." They are provided as freely available aids for those implementing BibClass and doing similar work.