Findaid Class Graphics Files

The following table describes those graphics files that are likely to be used by any instance of Text Class. All of the files below should be strored in the $DLXSROOT/t/text/graphics directory, and in each subsequent ../c/collection/graphics directory. Saving any alternative graphics by these names in individual graphics directories will result in variation of appearance within template-generated pages.

ImageFile nameDescription
aro_upw.gif aro-upw.gif Appears in all scrollable pages as a "back to top" button.
sm-dwnarrow.gif sm-dwnarrow.gif Used to indicate an expanded menu in the help pages.
navarrow.gif navarrow.gif Used to indicate an expandable menu in help files.
navdwnarrow.gif navdwnarrow.gif Used to indicate an expandable menu in the main navigation bar.
navdwnarrow-grey.gif navdwnarrow-grey.gif Corresponding image to navdwnarrow.gif for highlighted (e.g., white) navigation tabs.
plug.gif plug.gif Transparent spacer gif used throughout. hdr-bg1.gif, hdr-bg2.gif, and hdr-bg3.gif are also transparent gifs used as table background gifs for header displays.
onbullet.gif onbullet.gif Used in a mulitple collection results list to help highlight the collection group whose results are currently being listed.
ret-arrow-generic-grey.gif ret-arrow-generic-grey.gif Used in header.tpl and text.tpl as part of a link back to search results.