Preparation for Index Building (Finding Aids)

Setting up directories

You will need to identify directories where you plan to store your EAD2002 XML source file, your index file (approximately 75% of the size of your finding aids), your "region" files and other information such as data dictionaries, and files you use to prepare your data. We recommend you use the following structure:

The files that are located in $DLXSROOT/bin/s/samplefa and $DLXSROOT/prep/s/samplefa can be used as examples in preparing your finding aids and creating your indexes. The following files may need to have the #! adjusted for your location of perl:

The following files will need to be edited to reflect your collection names and paths:

The following file will need to be edited to reflect the location of your entity reference files:

Preparing your data

In your prep directory, create a data subdirectory for your collection and copy the finding aids for your collection into it. In our example collection, which is a subset of the Bentley Historical Library's Finding Aids, this would be $DLXSROOT/prep/s/samplefa/data/. Ensure that each has a unique value in the eadid element.