Image Class MySQL Media Table


This document defines the fixed set of fields that comprise a collection's Media Table in Image Class. As of DLXS 12, every collection must have a media table. Scripts provided with Image Class generate the Media Table automatically. See Image Class and MySQL for instructions.

The Media Table serves two basic purposes.

  1. Aid the process of linking media filenames to actual media files.
  2. Specify the relationship among potentially numerous media files associated with a single record.

Media Table Definition

FieldDefinitionLegal Values
istruct_captionAny text.String.
istruct_isentryidEntry ID. The Entry ID is an identifier for the image unique across all Image Class collections. Therefore, it should include the collid, Data Table record id, and media filename, indluding extension.String in the form
(this format is required, including the square-bracket)
istruct_isentryidvEssentially, an older style, deprecated, Entry ID that combines collid, record id, and a serial number for identification within the record. Included in the media_table for backward compatability.String in the form
(hyphen delimited all the way through)
istruct_mMedia filename.Any legal filename, without the path and extension.
istruct_meThe extension of the media filename, representing the online format.Any legal filename extension. Dot omitted.
istruct_moThe extension of the media filename, representing the master image file format.Any legal filename extension. Dot omitted.
istruct_msTells the status of the media file. Is it present in the system, or not. It is not uncommon for a record to include a filename for an image that is not to be accessible online.P | N (P = present | N = not present)
istruct_mtMedia type.String. Most common values are IMAGE:::DYNAMIC (MrSID file) and
IMAGE:::FIXED (several sizes of JPEG).
See image loading documentation for full range of possibitlities.
istruct_stidSerial identifier of the structure. See Mapping Image Structures to learn about structures.Any integer value. In most cases, "1".
istruct_sttyType of structure. Determines whether media is treated as "summary" or "detail".summ | det
istruct_faceA structure sub-component. Often the presenation represented in the media. Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Inside, etc.String.
istruct_xThe x coordinate of the media within the structure.Integer
istruct_yThe y coordinate of the media within the structure.Integer
m_captionImage Caption. Redundant with istruct_caption.Deprecated. Can be omitted.
m_entryauthUsed to decide whether the media file is restricted to authorized users, or completely unrestricted. Allows metadata and thumbnail to be world viewable, and full media file to be restricted.WORLD | COLLID ( world = unrestricted | collid = restricted to users specifically authorized to use the collection.
m_fnMedia filename. Redundant with istruct_m.Deprecated. Can be omitted.
m_idThe corresponding record ID from the Data Table.String.
m_iidThe record ID within the Media Table. The media filename, whenever possible.String. Must be unique within the Media Table.
m_searchableDetermines whether this item should be searchable and retrievable in a result set. Primarily applicable to records with multiple media files. Allows "summary" images to appear in a result set, and "detail" images to be omitted, or vice versa. 1 | 0