DLXS CGI Parameter Standards

The following is a catalog of all parameters (arguments supplied in the HTTP query string) supported by DLXS middleware. These parameters apply to all middleware developed for DLXS collections/classes, as well as existing non-DLXS middleware when it undergoes significant rework to bring it into the DLXS framework. The goals for this are:

  1. to provide consistency for statistics gathering;
  2. to provide consistency for interoperability between collections (and between digital libraries in the future);
  3. and to provide a definition that is scalable for future growth.

All keywords used for CGI parameters and region names should adhere to the following naming principles:

  1. They should not be too short (and thus cryptic) and yet not too long (and thus create browser problems).
  2. They should be be lowercase.
  3. They should be alphanumeric only, and include no punctuation.


Most searches make use of one of the three basic search types: simple, boolean, and proximity. They also use "Region" names derived from the XML or SGML and are reflected in the DLXS TerminologyMapper map file where they are mapped to XPAT region names. The automatic generation of XPAT queries from these mapped parameters is implemented using the DLXS QueryFactory module.

The existing list of region names will be expanded as DLXS continues to develop a class-based architecture. Typically, DLXS Collection Managers review existing region naming across similar classes before defining new region names.

An unimplemented proposal to make statistics gathering more precise proposes the "nostats" CGI parameter to screen out search results from a usage statistics gathering process. For example, where the search would otherwise produce multiple "hits" when viewing different parts of a result.

Description CGI Parameter: type= CGI Optional Parameter: subtype= Region Names
simple simple lookup | browse | headword | orths | bookbag n/a
boolean boolean frequency author | title | citation | speech
proximity proximity n/a n/a
random random n/a n/a
List of items to search (Image Services) ilist n/a n/a


Note that the following parameters were derived from existing non-DLXS browse categories and that currently none are implemented in DLXS middleware. As these browse categories are implemented in DLXS middleware their descriptions will be expanded in more detail.

Description CGI Parameter: browse=
all items by selected author exactauth
all authors of selected item author
period period
wordwheel wordwheel
volume volume
bible bible
title title
speaker/speech event speaker
genre genre
journal journal
Description CGI Parameter: browse=
country country
classification class
stencil allstencils
manuscript allmss
document alldoc
subject subject
culture culture
tradition tradition
letter letter
page page


Note that the following parameters were derived from non-DLXS view categories and that, consequently, many are not yet implemented in DLXS middleware.

Description CGI Parameter: view= Optional CGI Parameter: subview=
t.o.c. toc n/a
t.o.c. - fullheader header n/a
text text n/a
text - SGML sgml n/a
entry entry detail | getsid
Digital image (gif, jpeg, etc.) image n/a
Digital image (pdf) pdf n/a
results with thumbnail thumb n/a
target (e.g. footnote) trgt n/a
results list reslist short | detail
utterance utter n/a
comparison (formerly a search type) compare n/a
slide-show results (images) slide n/a
Findaid: outline view with keyword in context results or with a focused region (focusrgn=) outline kwic, NONE

Collection Identification

Any additions or changes to collection parameters must be reviewed by the Architecture group.

Description CGI Parameter:
Collection identifier (repeatable) c=<identifier>
Single Collection identifer to retrieve detail cc=<identifier>
Boolean flag to indicate a cross-collecton search xc=1
Group (of collections) identifier (repeatable) g=<identifier>


Any additions or changes to page parameters must be reviewed by the Architecture group.

Description CGI Parameter: page=
Generate simple search page simple
Generate boolean search page boolean
Generate proximity search page proximity
Generate random search page random
Generate idlist search page idlist
Generate wordwheel "start" page wwstart
Generate wordwheel "full" results page wwfull
Display current session search history history
Display current session bookbag bbaglist
Display bookbag email entry form bbagemail


Any additions or changes to miscellaneous parameters must be reviewed by the Architecture group.

Description CGI Parameter
Specify arbitrary coll-specific template tpl
Specify session identifier sid