DLXS Release Notes

DLXS Release 11a - 5 MAR 2004

General Information

DLXS Release 11a is an interim release consisting of a few enhancements to Release 11. Refer to that section below for more detail. Release 11a is a full release of all DLXS middleware. There are no database schema changes. No database upgrades are required. A Release 11 version 4 database is fully compatible with release 11a.

Unicode support available in XPAT since Release 11 has been extended to the middleware and is delivered with working sample data under TextClass. FindaidClass shares the TextClass Unicode support changes. Refer to DLXS Unicode Data Preparation and Online Presentation Issues. ImageClass and BibClass still require minor changes to be fully Unicode compliant.

Release 11a is comprised of:

Known Problems

XPAT Known Problems

XPAT 5.3.0 is generally backward-compatible with indexes generated by 5.2.x subject to a few isolated misses during searching. Re-indexing with 5.3 xpatbld resolves this deficiency.

Database Known Problems

The SQL::Statement version 1.005 perl module is not backward compatible with version 0.1021. Version 0.1021 was typical with Perl version 5.6.1 whereas 1.005 is typical of Perl 5.8.0. We recommend you install perl 5.8.0 or higher and SQL::Statement 1.005 or higher.

Image Class Known Problems

XPAT version 5.3.0

Lib version 3.3.3

New and Changed Functionality

Text Class version 3.3.0

New and Changed Functionality

Bib Class version 3.1.2

New and Changed Functionality

Release of Z39BC.pm implementing a subclass of BibClass that is able to query Z3950 search engines. It uses Net::Z3950 (obtained from CPAN) to connect and create Z3950 queries which it then issues to a Z3950 search engine.

Presently it is designed to expect UTF-8 responses from its Z3950 queries, so the Z39App.pm application subclass should be modified to insert charset=UTF-8 <META> tags when outputting template files to handle the UTF-8 responses.

The collmgr 'host' field for Z39-based collections indicates the server where the Z3950 engine resides.

It is important to note that presently the Z39 implementation will only create queries for following fields: title, author, pubyear, language, and id, and that it assumes that the Z3950 search engine has a database with the same name as the collid, which is indicated when connecting to the engine. Here at UM, we are using Zebra as our Z3950 general-purpose structured text indexing and retrieval engine.

Image Class version 3.1.0

New and Changed Functionality

Broker20 version 1.1.0

New and Changed Functionality

Collmgr version 3.1.0

New and Changed Functionality

FindaidClass version 5.2.0

New and Changed Functionality

XClass version 2.1.1

New and Changed Functionality