DLXS Programmers & Technical Workshop February, 2002

Collection Manager (collmgr) Details

  • REMOTE_USER environment variable (likely to be set by "Basic Auth" in the virtual host); if set to dlxsadm, release rows are visible, editable and moveable to production
  • Let's look at a few examples of how collmgr is used to manage collection data
    • fields
      • collection id, unchangeable
      • host: where the data resides
      • webdir: for finding html templates
      • subclassmodule: possible collection specific Perl subclass ofthe TextClass base class
      • pdfchunk: number of pages to package up into one pdf file for delivery in pageviewer
      • qtytext: number of documents in this collection
      • dd: one or more XPat indexes for the collection
      • termsearch: fields to display in simple search pulldown
    • moving rows from release to production; later

For a full list of the tables in the collection and group database, see the DLXS documentation on database schema.

For information on how the user name and DLPS_DEV environment variable affect the data values retrieved from the database (how to control testing vs. production vs. individual developers' environments), see the DLXS Documentation on the Interaction between database rows, users, DLXS Middleware and collmgr