DLXS Programmers & Technical Workshop February, 2002

Directory Structure Overview

Under the DLXSROOT, you will find the following subdirectories:

A bit more detail is given for each of these main subdirectories:

  • web/ (holds all the HTML templates (*.tpl) used by the middleware to create HTML pages for delivery. These templates are used for the cross collection interface and any collections that do not have their own specific pages.)
    • c/class (html pages, html templates, other web subdirectories:)
    • c/collection
      • collection specific html templates
      • images/ (symlink to img directory in DLXSROOT for images that are part of the collection's content
      • example: /DLXSROOT/web/b/bosnia/
  • cgi/ (holds all the DLXS middleware programs, their configuration files if any, and some DLXS specific Perl class modules.)
    • c/class (middleware perl scripts, related files; e.g., subclasses, cfg files)
      • example: DLXSROOT/cgi/t/text/
  • lib/ (holds all the DLPS-created Perl library modules used by the middleware.)
  • obj/ (holds the SGML text data, any related page images)
    • c/collection/ (possible collection based organization)
    • a/b/c/abc1234/ (notis id or dlps document id based organization)
  • misc/
  • idx/
    • c/collection/ (XPat index files; e.g., collection.dd, collection.idx. collection.rgn)
      • WW/ (XPat index files for collection's wordwheel)
  • bin/
    • c/class/ (directory maintenance, pageview preparation scripts, etc.)
    • c/collection/ (collection preparation scripts, data moving, etc.)
      • WW/ (preparation scripts for collection's Wordwheel)
  • img/
    • c/collection/ (holds any inline images for the collection. The web directory /dlxs/web/c/collection/ will have a subdirectory named "images" which is symlink-ed to this directory.)
  • prep/
    • c/collection/ (acts as a workspace for data preparation; e.g., conversion from original DTD to the final "delivery" DTD)

DLXS related miscellaneous directories not under DLXSROOT

  • /tmp/sessions/ & /tmp/sessionslock/ (Session data files and lock files. /tmp/ is where we at DLPS keep our session files, but it could be anywhere (configured in lib/DlpsSession.cfg). Directories and files must be owned by nobody so the web server can write to them.