DLXS Programmers & Technical Workshop February, 2002

Other Systems Overview

  • daemons:Two programs are packaged with DLXS software that allow the Middleware to work across machines (this might be an uncommon situation, but one we have here at DLPS)
    • xpatservd: Middleware running on one machine can access the XPat search engine on another machine to search data there
    • xpatviewd: Middleware running on one machine can request another machine to run other programs; e.g., the following two ....
  • image conversion for Pageviewer functionality
    • tif2gif: converts tiff files to gif files
    • c42pdf: converts tiff files to pdf files
  • MrSid (from LizardTech)
    • stores files, using wavelet compression
    • retrieves images from these files at multiple resolution

Note: in the near future there will likely be a name change perhaps with a collapsing of both daemons into one and a name change for tif2gif as we add support for conversion into PNG files as well.