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          <A A="A" ID="AAB8128" DT="2000-08-22">
              <K>Factors affecting innovation in water quality management: implementation 
              of the 1968 Michigan clean water bond issue; / by Steven
              L. Yaffee [and] Jonathan W. Bulkley.</K>
              <L>Yaffee, Steven L</L>
            <D>xii, 233 p. ; illus. ; 28 cm.</D>
               <U>Ann Arbor,</U>
               <T>University of Michigan,</T>
               <W A="NOTIS">AAB8128</W>
               <W A="CALLNO">UMR4246</W>
               <X>Publicly accessible text for non-commercial applications.</X>
            <G> <AA>Completion report. OWRR project no. A-054-MICH, 
               grant no. 14-31-0001-3522.</AA>
            <G> <AA>Thesis (M.A.)--University of Michigan.</AA>
            <G> <AA>Bibliography: p. 226-233.</AA>
               <AA>Bulkley, Jonathan W., joint author.</AA>
                        <SU A="1">Water quality management--Michigan.</SU>
                        <SU A="1">Water quality management--Costs--Michigan</SU>