Installation of DLXS Middleware and XPAT

XPAT: should be installed by the sysadmin or someone with root rights.

DLXS Middleware is installed through the running of an installation script which is delivered on the DLXS CD-ROM. It expands tar files into a DLXS directory structure.

The installation process:

  1. Create a DLXS root directory. At DLPS we use /l1/, but you can call it anything you like.
  2. Insert the CD-ROM and open it
  3. Run the installation script
    1. script will check your environment
    2. ask about the location of several pieces of software (such as your Perl installation and certain Perl modules)
    3. install DLXS middleware
    4. configure files
    5. create text snippets (for other systems) which will need to be added/inserted by a sysadmin

Note: (for this workshop, only one XPAT installation, but one entire Middleware and data installation with DLXSROOT and virtual host per participant)