Text Class XSL

Table 1
Filename Description
Main top-level stylesheets (all work in consort with xml files of the same name)
bookbag.xsl Main stylesheet for building the bookbag holdings list, and for displaying the email bookbag contents form.
browse.xsl Main stylesheet for displaying dynamic browsing contents, listed according to a variety of sort keys.
browsecolls.xsl Stylesheet for displaying contents of multiple collection groups, for a cross collection interface.
clipviewer.xsl Works with viewer.xsl for displaying page-image based newspaper article clips.
header.xsl Main stylesheet for displaying item bibliographic header and toc displays. Works primarily with header utils.
pageviewer.xsl Works with viewer.xsl for displaying page-image based monographs or journals.
reslist.xsl Main stylesheet for displaying search results.
searchhistory.xsl Main stylesheet for displaying the search history.
search.xsl Main stylesheet for displaying all search pages, for both individual and cross collection contexts.
text.xsl Main stylesheet for displaying encoded texts.
viewer.xsl Common stylesheet --and the primary work horse-- for buidling the pageviewer and clipviewer displays.
ww.xsl Main stylesheet for displaying the word index search forms.
Global stylesheets incorporated in every page
bookbagitemsstring.xsl This stylesheet is responsible for the content of the string indicating the current number of items in the bookbag. In release 11, this number was provided via a PI in navheader.chnk file. In Release 12, the content is provided in a separate file referenced by an IFRAME element.
footer.import.xsl This stylesheet contains template rules for displaying the footer portion of the page.
globalvariables.xsl A stylesheet that primarily declares xsl global variables that are utilized by other stylesheets for conditional information.
htmlhead.xsl This stylesheet provides just the html head portion of the resulting page.
navbarutils.xsl This stylesheet works in consort with the navheader.xsl file and contains primarily utility templates for building navigation bar 'tabs.'
navheader.xsl This stylesheet, along with navbarutils.xsl, provides the header portion of each page. This stylesheet is the primary component, along with the collection specific CSS stylesheet, for effecting collection look and feel.
Other subsidiary stylesheets
results.xsl This stylesheet does most of the heavy lifting for search results--especially the scoped head and breadcrumb head displays--and also is a utility stylesheet for header toc displays, and for text.xsl displays (since these displays also utilize the scoped heads display methods).
searchforms.xsl This stylesheet, utilized by search.xsl, builds all search forms and replaces all search form chnk files from previous releases. Create local versions of this stylesheet to customize certain options in search forms.
text.components.xsl This stylesheet contains most of the template rules for filtering source XML nodes to html.
headerutils.xsl This stylesheet contains template rules for rendering all forms of bibliographic information to a variety of displays, including header, results, text, browse and pageviewer.
viewer.utils.xsl Utility file for the pageviewer and clipviewer displays
viewtextnote.xsl Provides the warning message and link to the viewing the entire item as encoded text.