Location: University Library Instructional Center, Room 4059 on the 4th floor of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, University of Michigan. See more location information.
Dates: August 4 - 8, 2008.
Instructors: Phil Farber, Chris Powell, Tom Burton-West, John Weise, Suzanne Chapman, Kat Hagedorn, Josh Santelli, Kathleen Ludewig, Digital Library Production Service, University of Michigan
Contact: John Weise, DLPS, University of Michigan

Course Outline

The preliminary Course Schedule & Outline (and this entire site) will be expanded as the workshop preparation is finalized.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn to install DLXS Text Class & Image Class middleware
  2. Learn about indexing and searching text data with the XPAT search engine
  3. Learn to encode and prepare data for use with DLXS middleware
  4. Learn to configure and deploy Text Class and Image Class collections using DLXS middleware.
  5. Learn about using DLXS FindAid Class
  6. Learn about using DLXS Middleware's User Interface model of XML, XSL, and processing instructions.
  7. Learn about the new OAI provider (UMProvider) and the new nameresolver application environment