DLXS Workshops, 2001

Two DLXS workshops will be offered in 2001. They are open at no cost to one representative (per workshop) from institutions with active XPAT maintenance contracts. Please contact Robyn Grimes as soon as possible if you would like to attend, as "extra" spaces will be provided to others as of June 1st.

For more information on local arrangements, please contact Robyn Grimes at rlgrimes@umich.edu, or 734 647-8000. Information about preparation/requirements for attending the workshops is supplied below.

Programmer workshop


Highly desirable:


Write a Perl program that takes the text of the SGML file (to be posted the week of June 4th) and, using Perl regular expressions, converts it into HTML that looks like the following HTML (also scheduled to be posted the week of June 4th).

Extra credit: do this in an object-oriented way by creating an object which has a "FilterSgmlToHtml" method that does that transformation.