BibClass colldb and groups Tables


collid     unique key
collname     name
primarytitle     text or graphic for web page
primaryhref     ref to organizational website DLF e.g.
secondarytitle     a second level title
extendedname     additional verbiage
host     data host (as opposed to machine running the cgi)
ignoreon     DLPS use for installation remove this line on certain machines
webdir     path component for collection-specific templates
dddir     path component for index e.g. idx/b/bmp
dd     name of index (can be a list if more than one index)
map     terminology map file or 'default'
xpatexec     full path to executable
port     for remote XPat operations
minmaxyear     date range covered by collection
searchregions     exact text to appear in restriction pulldowns


groupid     unique group identifier
groupname     displayable title
primarytitle     graphic or text title
webdir     for group templates if any collids