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Doc Title Bibliographic Class
Author 1 Hagedorn, Kat
CVS Revision $Revision: 1.6 $
Bibliographic Class


  1. About the Bibliographic Class
    1. Basic Overview of the Bibliographic Class
    2. The Bibliographic Class DTD
    3. Representative Resources
  2. Steps to Mount a Collection
    1. Index Building
    2. Adding New Searchable Fields
    3. Adding Collections to collmgr
    4. Creating and Editing Filtering Routines
    5. Creating and Editing HTML/Template Files
  3. Getting Data into the Bibliographic Class Format
    1. Transforming Bibliographic Files
    2. Character Sets/Representation
  4. Testing Procedures
  5. References: No publications have been written about use of the Bibliographic Class.