Last updated 2003-12-01 11:20:19 EST
Doc Title Image Class and MySQL
Author 1 Weise, John
CVS Revision $Revision: 1.6 $
Image Class Conversion from XPat to MySQL

Data Conversion from XPat to MySQL

Convert Image Class SGML to MySQL easily using the Perl script ( ) included with the release. The script produces MySQL scripts that in turn generate an indexed Data Table and an indexed Media Table in MySQL. The script handles very well collections that require a Media Table.

Converting an existing Image Class collection to MySQL involves several steps:

When using for conversion, ic.coll.norm.sgml must have line breaks. If it does not, run idb transform and norm again to generate a file that does.

A newly made imageprep index is backward compatible with DLXS 10 SGML as long the collection only includes MrSID files and JPEG thumbnails and the filename in the metadata has the extension ".TIF". Otherwise, edit the imageprep script simply to set the initial value of $hold to '1' and then run imageprep. This forces it to generate the new index directory as "indexprep" without replacing the current "index" directory. Move the new "indexprep" directory to img/c/coll of your data prep space (assuming such space exists) and rename "indexprep" as "index". After reprocessing the metadata move the XPat and/or MySQL data into production, and rename the production "indexprep" directory as "index". Remember to change $hold back to '0' when done.

Important: Until the conversion of all collections is complete, continue to maintain the SGML/XPat version of the data. Searching of XPat and MySQL collections together defaults to XPat for all collections.