DLXS Programmers & Technical Workshop February, 2002

Collection Manager (collmgr)

collmgr is a new program whose main function is to manage information in the collection and group databases. This information is that which had been kept in the groups and colldb tab-delimeted files prior to the CDROM #8 release of DLXS. Using collmgr, you can maintain this information in either a CSV database or a MySQL database.

  • collmgr running under CSV
    • CSV files are actual text files, but interface lets them behave as a database (It is important not to hand edit the text files outside of collmgr)
    • need to reside on the same machine as the middleware
  • collmgr running under MySQL
    • must install and maintain a MySQL database
    • can be a networked database
  • Workshop Note: workshop setup vs. our DLPS development setup (this will make more sense after seeing how collmgr interacts with the Middleware and after working through the installation process)
    • workshop is in a production rather than a development environment (no DLPS_DEV set)
    • no user rows, only release and production rows; therefore, no checkin checkout
    • 'release to production' option always visible

Link to details on the use of collmgr