Demonstration of Text Class and Image Class Functionality

A quick demonstration of some of the new functionality of Text Class and Image Class will be given. For some background information, here is a table of the four classes and some of the new Release 12 functionality in each. For more detailed information about Release 12 changes, check the Release 12 Release Notes.

Text Class
Image Class
Findaid Class
Bib Class
Cookie to hold session ID
XML / XSL delivery to HTML current XML/ XSL model to be updated in Release 13
Dynamic browse (plus support for static browse pages)  
Item level authorization via database Item level authorization still through main data  
Contone page viewing  
Unicode (UTF-8) is now default (though Latin1 data still supported)
supports both UTF-8 and Latin1 (Release 13 will be like other classes)
collection-specific index.html replace home.tpl
Language localization and collection-specific user interface strings
wordwheel is exclusively UTF-8
prototype for newspaper viewing