DLXS Directory Structure Detail (with some files as examples)

There are 6 top level directories: web/, cgi/ lib/, obj/, idx/, bin/ :

DLXS middleware & collection release directories.

Note that the development work directory is embedded within the middleware release directory structure as indicated in italics. Typically, DLXS subscribers would receive separate CDs for each of middleware and collections (one or more).
  • those related to the TextClass middleware
  • lib/
  • lib/p/pfarber, lib/p/pagliere, etc.
  • bin/ and below
  • e.g. bin/WW/p/pfarber
  • cgi/t/text/
  • cgi/t/text/p/pfarber, cgi/t/text/p/pagliere, etc.
  • web/t/text
  • web/t/text/p/pfarber, web/t/text/p/pagliere, etc.
  • those related to collections
  • obj/
  • idx/
  • DLXS miscellaneous files & directories of note.