Institutional contacts for member institutions

We ask that participating institutions designate primary contacts for each of the following functional areas. Queries from other staff, students, and faculty from a participating institution should be directed to contact person(s) at the participant's home institution. Examples of typical questions in the different areas include:

Collection Development:
To which collections has our institution subscribed?
Which have been ordered?
How can we get access to other collections?

Public Service
How can I arrange for training to use the resources available through the service?
How can I use the system to achieve a particular result?
Why does the system do X when I do Y?

I'm a faculty/staff/student at a participating institution, but I'm rejected when I try to access the system. Why?

Information and updates (e.g., status of preparation of a new collection) are provided by the Digital Library eXtension Service to representatives in one or more areas. Questions by designated representatives should be directed to DLXS Help

For more Information about the program itself (e.g., how an institution can join), please see the prospectus, or send email to DLXS Info . Please note that e-mail updates currently go out to subscribers of the dlxs-list listserv.

Current XPAT licensees and DLXS participants include:
  1. Cornell University
  2. Getty Research Institute
  3. National Library of Medicine
  4. University of Amsterdam
  5. University of Minnesota
  6. University of Missouri
  7. University of N. Dakota
  8. University of Oxford
  9. University of Pittsburgh
  10. University of Richmond
  11. University of Tennessee
  12. University of Virginia
  13. University of Washington
  14. U.S. Govt. Printing Office
  15. Washington University
  16. Wayne State University
  17. West Virginia University


For more information about DLXS, please send email to DLXS Info or contact John Weise at 734.764-8074.