The XPAT engine is an SGML/XML-aware search engine that the University of Michigan has deployed with an extremely diverse set of digital library resources. XPAT is based on the search engine previously marketed by Open Text as PAT and OT5(TM). The University of Michigan has licensed the code in order to undertake distribution and support, as well as to add functionality. Because of XPAT's origins and the extent to which it has been employed in University of Michigan digital library projects, we are confident about the search engine's reliability, its core functionality, and many aspects of its scalability. As currently distributed, XPAT provides excellent support for word and phrase searching, indexing of SGML elements and attributes, a baseline of support for valid and well-formed XML including Unicode UTF-8 support, fast retrieval, and open systems integration. As part of the UM DLXS, the University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service has launched a continuous development process in which we hope to add a number of features to XPAT.


For more information about DLXS, please send email to DLXS Info or contact John Weise at 734.764-8074.