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Doc Title Image Class
Author 1 Weise, John
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Guide to Image Class Documentation

See DLXS, Getting Started for installation of DLXS, including sample data.

Image Class offers two options for metadata indexing and searching.

Option 1, MySQL, is the preferred choice because MySQL is free, and because loading data is straight forward.
Option 2, XPAT, was previously the only choice. There is a license fee associated with XPat, and preparing the data as SGML is complex.

It is recomended that existing image collections be migrated from XPAT to MySQL. New collections should use MySQL from the start.

topic / engineMySQLXPAT/SGML
MediaLoading Image Files
Image Class and JPEG2000
MigrationXPat/SGML to MySQLMigration to DLXS 11
MetadataImage Class Data Loading: MySQLData Transformation
Image Class Index Building
Image Class Character Set Conversion
DTD Description
AdvancedMedia TableMapping Image Structures
GeneralImage File Naming
Data Requirements
Access Control
Collmgr/Collection Database
Processing Instructions

Perhaps the best way to familiarize yourself with collection deployment in Image Class is to step through the tutorial-like documentation that is used in the workshop.
Start here and follow the links to the Image Class section of the most recently taught workshop.

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Easily Overlooked

A Common Problem

In the past, documentation specific to Image Services at the University of Michigan was included here as well. It is now available elsewhere.