Guide to Image Class Documentation

See DLXS, Getting Started for installation of DLXS, including sample data.

Read the Image Class workshop tutorial for a useful introduction to working with Image Class.

MediaLoading Image Files
Image Class and JPEG2000
Migration Migration to DLXS12


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Image Class Data Loading: MySQL
Media Table

Data Transformation
Image Class Index Building
Image Class Character Set Conversion
DTD Description

AdvancedMapping Image Structures

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Image File Naming
Data Requirements
Access Control


Dynamic Browse
User Interface
Collmgr/Collection Database

Image Class Search Engine Options

Image Class offers two options for metadata indexing and searching.

Option 1: MySQL is the preferred choice because Image Class data fits well into the relational database model. MySQL is free.

Option 2: XPAT is an excellent full-text, SGML/XML aware search engine that works fine with Image Class. However, since MySQL works just as well and is easier to use (from a collection implementation perspective), XPat is not recommended and may not be supported in future versions of DLXS. There is a free version of XPat, but larger databases may need the full version, which has a license fee. Working with XPat has a steeper learning curve and the data preparation process in general is more cumbersome than for MySQL. However if XPat is already being used for other reasons, maybe it is the best choice for Image Class as well. At Michigan, MySQL is used with Image Class.

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