Workshop Schedule

Each morning runs from 9 am to 12pm with a break at 10:30 am.
Each afternoon session runs from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm with a break at 3:00.
On Tuesday and Thursday, lunch will be provided along with an informal presentation by workshop attendees.
Wednesday evening we will go out for dinner (on us).

Day 1 - Monday

Morning - Monday

  1. Introductions and course objectives (John)
  2. Administrative details (John)
  3. DLXS Documentation Wiki: reminder, but in particular... (Phil)
    1. Troubleshooting middleware
    2. Error messages, Tips, Case studies
  4. Overview of systems (Phil)
    1. XPAT
    2. Web Server
    3. Authentication / Authorization System
    4. Directory Structure
    5. Middleware
    6. Collection and Group Databases
    7. Collection Manager
  5. XPAT (Phil)
    1. Discussion of text and region indexing
    2. Searching / Query Language

Afternoon - Monday

  1. XPAT continued (Phil)
  2. User Interface Issues (Tom)
    1. XML files and PIs
    2. XSL files
    3. General layout of XSL templates
    4. Customization

Day 2 - Tuesday

Morning - Tuesday

  1. Data Conversion to Unicode/XML (Chris)
  2. Findaid Class (Tom and Chris)
    1. Overview
    2. Encoding Issues
    3. Data Preparation
    4. Indexing

Lunch provided: ULIC (same room as workshop), 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Presentation (PDF): HathiTrust demonstration, including large-scale search (HathiTrust staff, U. Michigan)
Presentation (PDF): Cornell's Making of America collection, plus static image modifications (George Kozak, Cornell U.)

Afternoon - Tuesday

  1. Findaid Class continued... (Tom and Chris)
    1. Web Presentation/Rendering
    2. Customizing and Troubleshooting

Day 3 - Wednesday

Morning - Wednesday

  1. Text Class (Chris)
    1. Content preparation
      1. Text Class DTD Overview
      2. Text Conversion Strategies
      3. Other Text Modifications
      4. Validate and Normalize SGML
      5. Storing Texts and Page Images

Afternoon - Wednesday

  1. Text Class continued... (Chris)
    1. Text Class Index Building with XPAT (Chris)
      1. Set Up Directories and Files for XPAT Indexing
      2. Build the XPAT Index
    2. Text Class Collection to Web (Chris)
      1. Review the Collection Database Entry with CollMgr
      2. Review the Groups Database Entry with CollMgr
      3. Make Collection Map
      4. Set Up the Collection's Web Directory
      5. Try It Out

Evening - Wednesday

Please join us for dinner at Pizza House, Wednesday, 6pm. It's on us!

Day 4 - Thursday

Morning - Thursday

  1. Image Class (Roger)
    1. Content Preparation and Loading

Lunch provided: ULIC (same room as workshop), 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Presentation (PDF): Search Engine Optimization, research and work-to-date (Devon Persing, Scholarly Publishing Office at U. Michigan)
Presentation (PDF): PHP front end to DLXS, plus cross Class searching (Michael Bond, WVU)

Afternoon - Thursday

  1. Image Class (Roger)
    1. Content Preparation and Loading
    2. Collection Customization
    3. Other / Advanced Topics

Day 5 - Friday

Morning - Friday

  1. Next steps for DLXS software (John, etc.) (PDF)
    1. Brief planning overview
    2. Discussion: we're interested in your opinions, viewpoints, comments

Afternoon - Friday

Friday afternoon will be for breakout sessions. If you'd like some specific help on a topic that's been gating your work, or are interested in something we haven't presented this week, we'll provide the opportunity for that here. We expect to have people available to discuss:

  1. OAI: UMProvider, Nameresolver, other OAI discussion (Jose, Kat)
  2. Installation: XPAT and middleware installation, database installation (Phil)
  3. Class-specific assistance: TextClass (Chris), FindaidClass (Tom), ImageClass (Roger)